Patient Reviews

  • Dr. Youree saved my life when noone else would listen, he came in and put me on 4 major antibiotics intraveneously. I found out I had absominal cellulitus and it had gone septic after my OB at Baylor All Saints sent me home after child birth even though I had a blood infection (they wouldn't believe me something was wrong). Dr. Youree agreed to see me even though I wasn't his patient. Thank you Doc...if I was not seen, they said I would have died that weekend... Read More
  • I arrived at Baylor a week ago dehydrated with what I know now a severe intestinal infection. After 2 days with out conventional meds helping. He came and prescribed the right combo an I am hoping to be discharge soon! Read More
  • Met Dr. Spak after my husband had a liver transplant then came down with 2 highly contagious infections. He knew right away what was wrong. His treatment plan was/is aggressive, but I truly feel he saved my husband's life. For those that say he comes off as "superior" I beg to differ. He is very knowledgeable, yet very straightforward. He does not pull punches or try to sugarcoat....he gets straight to the point... Read More