At some point in time, you may travel outside the United States and could possibly need the assistance of an infectious disease specialist either before or after your trip. You may be subject to country-specific vaccination requirements that must be satisfied prior to entering the country, and sometimes even prior to obtaining a visa to travel to the country. The infectious diseases specialists at TCIDA can make sure that you have all of the vaccinations that you need, no matter where you are going. The TCIDA doctors will also assess other health risks that you may encounter based on your destination and provide you with appropriate treatment to manage those situations while you are away. Examples of this may include malaria prophylaxis or treatment of parasitic and other infections that could wreak havoc on your digestive system if left untreated. Sometimes your trip goes fine and then you return and you might not feel so well…maybe you picked something up and brought it home with you! Either way, the doctors at TCIDA can help with all of these situations. If you see us before you travel, we can provide you with medication and directions on how and when to use that medication should the need arise. If you see us when you return because you are not feeling well: fear not, we will take care of you.

So go on your missionary trip, or do that safari that you’ve always dreamed of, or take that wilderness vacation that you’ve always wanted to take. Visit your infectious diseases doctor at TCIDA well before you travel to identify all of your country-specific medical requirements and ensure that your trip is uneventful in a good way!

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