Do you have a chronic painful diabetic foot ulcer? Are you embarrassed by non-healing leg wounds from lymphedema? Is the quality of your life impacted because of a non-healing wound? 

The team of experts at TCIDA have years of experience in wound healing. We work with a team of experts including podiatry, vascular surgery, interventional cardiology and plastic surgery to get you back to a productive life. We treat a vast array of wounds including diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers from lymphedema, traumatic and post-surgical wounds and decubitus pressure ulcers from immobility.

We have extensive knowledge in the performance of debridements and the use of an arsenal of wound care products including negative pressure wound vacuums and innovative skin substitutes including Amnioband, Allopatch and Theraskin. We supervise and use adjunctive therapy with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) for conditions such as head and neck cancers, diabetic foot wounds and chronic osteomyelitis.

Our team will offer you emotional support and compassion as you go through the wound healing process.

If you want to take back control of your life and relieve the pain and frustration from a non- healing wound, then call for an appointment or ask your primary care physician to provide a referral today.

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